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"You can screenshot this if you want. I've never been to or even heard of a Silent Wedding or Disco until I was introduced to it by you at my wife's cousins wedding. I was sceptical at first just because you want everyone to hear and dance to the same music BUT... it was an absolute unbelievable experience and it had to be one of the best DJ'ED and the most fun my wife and I EVER had at a weeding!! I'm not Christopher S. Chilton's best friend and I'm not doing this to get him more jobs booked. I'm just someone that met Chris Djing and I will recommend him to anyone who's looking for a grea!! - Erik A.


"U need to invite them out so they can experience it in person because it is hard to explain to someone just how fantastic it is! I was telling people at the door (at O'Conners) we're having a Silent Glow party, we have 3 DJs in the back, u can get ur headphones back there, it's free, all u need is an id to secure the headphones. A lot of people were like ummmm I don't kno, but every one of those people ended up going and getting headphones and they loved it!!" - Tony S.


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"Very family friendly and appropriate for all ages. Very safe feel."

"Great idea for Springfield. Something to attract the youth. We need more activities like this. Fabulous job. Great music!"

"Lets do it again very soon!"

"It was so fun!!... you can listen to the type of music you like and talk without yelling"

"I had a great time and it's a great concept! Thanks for the invite!"

“Hanging out downtown with music in my ears that would provoke a call to the police because it's BANGING..... but no one around us can hear anything. A party without the noise disturbance, and 3-channel DJ Service! The next generation.............

“A big shout out to DJ Chill ~ the NSL event today in downtown Springfield was awesome ~ thanks Chill for all u do for our community !! You are on the cutting edge and your efforts are truly appreciated!!”

“Killing them softly!!!”

“This was great!!! You must definitely do this again....Love the concept, good good mix of music. Thanks for the invite...... U ROCK!!!!!!!”

“I cannot stop smiling!”

“It was spectacular!!! Loved it!! Must do it again!”

“It was a blast! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. I can't wait for the next one. You are awesome!”

“Man!!!!!! If you don't do this real soon! Anywayyyyyyl I had the best time & with folks I'm sure in another setting we more than likely wouldn't even look in the same direction...this brought folks from different walks of life, ages, etc. together... A must experience...”

“Awesome! I had a great time!”

“Too much fun! WAIT. There is no such thing as TOO MUCH FUN! Right? OMGosh Barb - you will love this!”

“Not So Loud Silent Party! I cannot say enough about this. Thank you for bringing this to Springfield! My thought regarding this party! THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!”

“Thanks DJ Chill for a unique and fun party experience! Got my Biggie fix, wobbled, took it back to the 80s with a lil Jack and Diane, and got my John Travolta Saturday Night Fever on!”

“Not only was the party fun, I added 15,000 steps to my fitbit! That is 7 1/2 miles with my most active minutes being between 8 and 11 pm! What a fun way to get a lot of exercise!”

“I have not been able to stop talking about this today!”

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