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Not So Loud Silent Party teamed up with Radio One, Columbus Power 107.5, and Pepsi for their invite only Silent Suite event! Contact us today to book your event.

Not So Loud Silent Party offers guests 3 parties in 1. We are quite possibly the only company in the world offering a hybrid of a "Loud" party and Silent Disco. Reception attendees are offered the option of what's played out loud as well as two "silent" channels through 3 channel LED headphones. Guests of all ages have fallen in love with Silent Disco. Make your reception the one the everyone can't stop talking about!

Two years ago on September 6, 2014, we hosted our first silent event after discovering silent disco on Instagram and following examples from silent discos in bigger cities throughout the world. Two years later Not So Loud Silent Party-Silent Disco is Ohio's only source for silent disco services. Thank you to everyone that has supported this sensory experience. This is only the beginning... "Open you Mind, and Cover your Ears"

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