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At a Silent Party/ Silent Disco every participant is given a set of wireless headphones. There is no audible music except through the headphones. A Silent Party/ Silent Disco gives you your choice of 3 different music channels of your choice that are broadcast to your wireless headphones. It’s not only fun to be a part of, but it's exciting to watch and listen to as everyone dances and tries to sing their favorite songs. At your event you can use your own music or we can provide music mixed by DJ Chill.




Our weddings combine the Silent Disco Concept with the traditional "Loud" Wedding Reception. We bring our full range speakers and perform as normal. However, once the party portion of the reception begins, we introduce our Silent Disco Headphones, virtually offering 3 parties at the same time. It gives guests the option of what's being played out loud on one channel and two additional silent channels. Guests of all ages have fallen in love with our "Silent" Weddings.





We also offer Photo Booth Services! When we decided to begin offering Photo Booth Services, we searched for the latest in photo booth innovation. We believe that we have changed the way your guests will look at photo booths. Our self-serve "Open Air" booth will leave your guests talking. Ask us for details, including customizable prints, Social Media postings, and more.

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